About us

Welfare Unit Hire Ltd was established in 2007 by Managing Director Mick Elston. At that time Mick had a career history which included vehicle and plant fleet maintenance, trailer, hot box and vehicle body building and the manufacturing of mobile welfare units. Over his career, Mick has learnt the value of excellent customer service and now applies what he has learnt to the business every day.

Having previously supplied welfare units to the hire industry, Mick noticed just how poor some suppliers’ attitude is towards regular, quality toilet servicing. When the time came to start his own mobile welfare unit hire company Mick took this challenge very seriously, promising to “break the mould” in terms of site toilet hygiene standards.

Mick’s engineering background and problem-solving approach drove him to build a fleet of eco welfare units which is unmatched. All of our products are hybrids using generators and battery banks. Mick and the team have developed a full eco specification which is the envy of our competitors; not just a token battery powered lighting system but full 12volt D.C systems using commercial quality solar panels to charge batteries. Customer feedback tells us these systems are up to 75% cheaper to run and are obviously kinder to the planet.