Smart Pick (sustainably powered, self-loading 10 person welfare unit with large 2 person office)

Simply the highest tech mobile welfare unit on the market, the Smart Pick has revolutionised mobile welfare in one product.

No one else has a unit of this size which extends in this fashion.

It can be delivered into places a Hi-ab waggon cannot access.

The Smart Pick was designed to solve some real problems;

  • How do you get a large, sustainably powered 10 person welfare unit and 2 person office onto a site with overhead obstacles such as power lines?
  • How many times have you had to wait whilst costly transport is booked?
  • How many times have you had to pay for costly lift plans to be produced?
  • How many times have you had to organise large quantities of fuel and a browser in order to fuel a large multi-cylinder diesel engine generator which powers a static unit?

Happily, now Smart Pick is here…..

Make one phone call to Welfare Unit Hire Ltd and we will solve these problems, by delivering the Smart Pick, along with in excess of 2 weeks fuel on board as standard.

We can supply additional gas oil in approved 25 Litre Kegs (2 x week’s fuel requirement)

The Green X power management system on board is truly impressive.

In addition, the Smart Pick has;

  • 10 person rest area
  • Highly efficient solar to battery power system
  • Generator and generous drying room
  • Toilet with large holding tank
  • Extending 2 person office pod

All in a single, versatile, sustainably powered unit which can be easily and quickly delivered.